IVF Support

IVF Support

A randomized study carried out in Germany in 2001 involving 160 patients showed that Acupuncture improved the chances of IVF success increasing the odds from to 26% (in the IVF control group) to 42% (in the acupuncture with IVF group). * To download the research please click here

Treatment is weekly and begins as early as possible, ideally 3 months before beginning to take any IVF drugs. It’s best if both partners come in for one treatment each initially and then in these sessions we can discuss how much treatment each will need depending on test results and signs and symptoms. In the first session I will take a full health history with a one hour consultation to then be able to discuss the best course of action for you to take.

Occasionally, depending on a number of factors I may encourage you to try a natural approach using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine instead of going through the IVF. IVF can be essential in cases where there are problem with tube defects, or very low sperm morphology. Other fertility issues can be very successful with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs alone, especially in the case of recurrent miscarriage when I would not generally recommend IVF. All this can be discussed in your first session.

Treatment to support IVF focuses on supporting your optimum health and natural physiological processes, and is tailored to you, and each week to the stage in your menstrual cycle. It also greatly reduces the unwanted side effects of IVF, e.g the emotional turbulence, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, headaches and nausea that can occur during IVF. Once pregnant it is recommended that you continue with treatment to maintain a health pregnancy, fortnightly for the first trimester.

During treatment we will also discuss dietary and lifestyle changes and I will help you see if there is anything else you can do to support the IVF Process based on your individual Chinese Medical Diagnosis. This will include a recommended list of supplements to take, and pre IVF I will ask you to take your BBT chart so that we can use this information to tailor your treatment plan.

* Fertility and Sterility VOl.77 No.4, April 2002 Copyright 2002 American Society for Reproductive Medicine Published by Elsevier Science Inc.


“having acupuncture was a really calming experience and felt like a positive thing to do while undergoing fertility treatment.” Project Manager